MTC update #1

Hey dad i hope this is your email or im going to be very upset hahaha but i love you and mom and i miss you very very much! i am safe and sound and today was the only day i was allowed to email you so im doing it now!!!! i love you and miss you all! send everyone my love. thank you fo the care package it made me cry hahaha. i putthe pictures in my room i have alot of pictures but i left my charger at home so i need that!!!!

i just need my camera charger and more food and snacks and what not hahaha. my companion is cool he is from longview texas and he has a southern accent which is awesome. the two other elders i have grown to be friends with are elder states who is from kuai hawaii and elder gaebler who is from ervington new york they are all awesome! my branch presidency is awesome too!!! they all really love us and take care of us!!! i love it here and am learning alot. i love you if i left anything out im sorry!!!! show this to mom i dont really have time to write both of you!!!



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