Week #3 Update

    You always tell me to smile hahaha I love it!  You are awesome mom!   You are the strongest person I have ever met even though at times I wish you didn’t have to be I wish alot of things but that’s not for me to decide the Lord gives us what he thinks we can handle and I guess he just thinks you are pretty buff or something hahah ! 
           My new district is awesome and they have made the transition easy on me I did have to move rooms which of course I didn’t like at all but what can you do eh? My new comp is a one Elder Barroso, he grew up in Beijing China (if that is how you spell it ) and he is Portuguese, I guess hahah, he is awesome and he has taught me alot.  I was called as the DL (district leader) for the new district so I’m in charge hahaha!  I have helped alot of people and it is a great feeling to do the Lord’s work.
          I do need a few things my patriarchal blessing and maybe a few more pics or something. I  am trying to figure out how to email the ones I have to you but I will figure it out. I have a good chance of being in close proximity to the other Elders from my first district but I can’t be their comp. for probably a year or so.
    Just keep trekking mom you are the best!  I  just need those things but it looks like I might be leaving tomorrow!!!   So excited!   You are the best! Tell everyone I love them and they should write , I only get an hour to use email so if I don’t write back super quick I am trying to get to everyone.  I miss you all ! 


Elder Call


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