Update #6


Hey everyone,

I love and miss you all thanks for all the love and support coming from your end it is more awesome than you can imagine!! THANKS!!

 Well one great thing we have a baptism set for Sept 9 so that’s awesome! We have been working with this woman Angela for a long time even before I got here but she is finally off probation and we can get her into the waters. Her two older daughters were baptized before I arrived and their little sister turns 8 in the fall so that will be cool to have the whole family baptized and active, they are a great family.

The weather is really hot but bearable haha, and we are getting some thunderstorms lately so that’s cool. Dinner appointments are fun , we had a really cool one with the Richins family they got us Chinese food and Blizzards, the family was just fun. Then there was Wes Wright, he took us to Logan’s Roadhouse which had a burger J would really like it was a fried egg burger with thick bacon.

The other Elders and Sisters here are awesome!  They help with the trunkiness and all. Tomorrow I go with the zone leaders and then I am going with the Spanish Elders Wednesday so that’s fun haha it will be interesting to see the other zones and just have fun with the other Elders in the zone. I had my first zone activity today!  That’s when everyone in the zone has a shirt that was made and designed by us and we all wear it and do something fun!  Today we went  for a ride in a limo and went bowling,  it was pretty fun all the way around!!   That’s my update Iwill let you know if anything else cool happens next week! I love you!!

 Elder Call


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