Week 2 — still Spanish — who knew ! sent 6/2/2014

Alright! So! This week was pretty crazy. Monday did the usual went shopping hung out took a companionship siesta the standard stuff.
Then we taught the Tsoisie family that night about temples and there importance. the mom is a member but her young boys are not so we are working with them they are 11 and 9 and there is one that is 7 as well. but we made a lot of questions and put them on sticky notes and covered the picture of the mesa temple and if they got the question right they got to take a sticky note off it was a lot of fun for the kids and us haha.
Tuesday we taught J again, we read the intro to the book of Mormon and we got to the last two paragraphs where it talks about Moroni’s promise about asking heavenly father with a sincere heart and a willingness to act he will manifest the truth and divinity of the book of Mormon to you and he was just like i already know its true. not a doubt in his mind that its the true church and that he wants to get baptized but he has to get past his Word of Wisdom issues to get there but we are going to set 28th of June as his baptismal date!! That was the Tuesday highlight.

Wednesday, we had 8 lessons. We worked out tails off for sure! We got a new investigator as well his name is A and he is about 15 years old his grandpa was baptized about a year ago so now he is interested. We shared with him the book of Mormon and talked about it for a little and he said he would read so we plan on contacting him again this week. We taught 4 less actives and recent converts as well and committed them all to go to church 2 of the 4 showed so hey not bad! We saw R who is a hilarious Cuban man show speaks English and was baptized 2 months ago by Elder Livermore. We saw a guy named R Tsoisi as well he is a native guy who is very involved with his tribe and is very spiritual but doesn’t like the confines of the church but he loves having us over so we go every so often. We saw a few other investigators and had some quick lessons nothing huge.

Thursday, unfortunately not everyday can be golden and this was not a golden day we saw one investigator her name is K and we are struggling with her to keep her commitments buts its all good we will keep on keeping on.

Friday, OH MY GOSH! So we got this referral for this gentleman named S Lee and it said he wanted to meet us at a place called City Scape which is in the middle of downtown and is where all the big wigs go for lunch and it said he had questions about the organization of our church soooo we thought that was a weird starting point for sure and were a bit hesitant but it went amazing. The guy might as well be LDS already haha. we kept saying things like for example we said that we lived with heavenly father before we came to this earth and he was like finally! someone who believe the same thing i do! hahaha it was awesome and he just already believes it all. He took the restoration pamphlet, a book or Mormon, and the conference ensign and said he would see us the next Friday! so stoked!!!

Saturday, was the day of service for sure! we helped a nonmember lady move into her apartment at 9:30 but they didn’t show till 10:30 haha that one was quick then we went home did our studies for 3 hours and had out lunch so we were out of there at like 3pm we saw like one person and went to dinner and then were told that there was another move at 7pm…. it was brutal hahah it had been 107 degrees that day and so it was still 90’s when we were moving at night. it took about 2ish hours to finish and was tiring but i felt great about it!

Sunday, all the elders except for one bore their testimonies including me. it was great we had 3 investigators there and a ton of less actives and recent converts! Not a lot to report there other then it was an awesome Sabbath!!!

Love you guys,

Elder Call


Elder Call’s email: bcall@myldsmail.net

mailing address:  Elder Brian Call

6265 North 82nd Street

Scottsdale AZ 85250


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