BAPTISIMS!!!!!!! – letter 6/16/14

Ok so this week was how can i put it…….. AWESOME!!!!! It went so well that I couldn’t even stand it hahaha

Monday, after I finished here we went shopping and I found the sickest tie! I need to stop buying ties because I will run out of money eventually if I’m not careful hahaha! I found a battery charger for my camera but I forgot my camera at home…… sooooooo, still no pictures but I’d love to get some from all of you whenever you may be so that I can print them out and have them! We didn’t do a whole lot on Monday. It was just a run of the mill sort of day.

Tuesday, we saw our investigators and made sure they were ready for all the steps that all the individuals were taking, nothing monumental just being awesome and having a good day.

Wednesday, Oh My Goodness…… Ok so I really wish I had my camera because I have such good pictures….. ugghhh! But Elder Livermore and I were put in charge of cleanliness training at Zone Training Meeting. We had bowls of various sauces with different colors…. I asked who here didn’t make their bed this morning?? Then I took a handful of spaghetti sauce and slapped it on Elder Livermore’s chest to start then I kept asking who didn’t do this or didn’t do that and for those who didn’t do them they were allowed to come up and to slap something else on him. We had mustard and chili sauce and jelly it was great! We said this is what we would look if we wore our house’s filthiness on out clothing and we all decided it was time to shape up and clean more. haha. It was awesome for sure! Then we ate dinner with Brother and Sister Cross….they live in the heart of down town in a half hotel, half apartment building and they are on the 19th floor….. The view was outstanding and it just blew me away, it was awesome for sure!

Thursday, we went to the Mesa Temple. Man was it amazing. It was Elder Livermore’s last temple trip on his mission because he only has one transfer left before he goes home….. He was very emotional as was I that day. President Sweeney came up to me after and said, “I am so happy you are here, and so proud of you. You have a bright future ahead of you.” and then he said, “I think you are ready.” I’m not sure what he meant by that but I’m sure I’ll find out soon. We also got a new companion so we are back in a trio because last week Elder Ortiz left and now we have Elder Soto. He was born in Mexico then lived in Cali and came out from Utah so he is cool. We are getting along quite nicely I’d say.

Friday, we had an amazing day. We were able to go to a LA’s house and teach his friend W. It was interesting and almost got bible bashy but it ended up being very good us and him to hear each other and to talk of Christ and all. it was a good morning. Then we had a lesson with our golden egg S. We had a brother come with us because he was in law school and so was S. What we found out was that they had met at school the day before and were studying together it was crazy!!! We had no idea they were even in the same school and they were chatting up like they were best friends! It was crazy cool! And even S said that it was a sign that he was being pushed in this direction. God was telling him something and we were so happy to hear him say that. We are really excited for him! We also had a father’s day party for the Spanish branch. We did two skits and it was funny we were a big hit. It was fun.

Saturday, we had 2 baptisms on Saturday…. Kaiden and Landin Silversmith were baptized but Walt Lacy and it was awesome! I wish I could upload the pictures but I’m a idiot so maybe next week. But the service was just awesome! Couldn’t have been a stronger spirit in that room and there were a lot of nonmembers there as well so it was excellent.

Sunday, we confirmed those two boys in church that day and Landin asked if I would do it for him and was so honored that he would ask me….. I was so nervous though hahaha weird right?? I can get up and recite monologues in front of tons of people but my legs were shaking during that blessing…. it was great and it went well and everyone was happy and yea it was just so coooooool!!!! Ugggghhh I’ve missed this haha ! We also went to this lady Renee’s house….. She is a hoarder and we tried to help her with a few things , so that was interesting but that’s really all I did this week!

I hope all of you had a great week and that you are all doing well! For those of you who don’t have it yet and were asking for it here is the mission home address
Elder Call


PS: Hey just a note from the ‘mom’ : If you get a chance to write Elder Call let him know how great picture would be ….maybe just maybe he’ll stop and drop the little ting in his bag for the day ….never know it might just work !!!! Thanks for making my boy smile !  Keep it up friends !


Elder Call’s email:

mailing address:  Elder Brian Call

6265 North 82nd Street

Scottsdale AZ 85250


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