Flavor Of The Week – letter 6/9/2014

Flavor Of The Week


Ok so this week lets see what has been going down in 602!

Monday, it was the usual P-Day stuff went to Ross got a few pretty dang awesome ties. I look beautiful in them hahaha. Then we went to this amazing place called last chance……it is a consignment store from Nordstrom’s Rack and everything is crazy cheap. I found awesome shoes for 30 bucks and I am obsessed with them. When I get a charger for my camera (if I can find one) I will take a picture and show you. Mom if you can find one I could use it haha I can’t find one out here yet. That night we went with a family to the Visitor Center to watch JSPR (Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration)! Ahhhh I love that movie! It was a really good experience for them 2 of the boys in the family are going to be baptized on Saturday!

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference and it was amazing. We got to choose what we wanted to talk about as a zone. We started saying things we find challenging about the mission and then we took markers and got 3 votes on what we wanted to talk about and we took the top 3 and talked about those. The zone decided on Pride, Putting the World Behind Us, and what we called the EAC (East Australian Current). The EAC is basically talking about just going with the flow and how a lot of Elders and Sisters are there just going with the motions but President told us we want to be out and above the flow and doing the things we are suppose to do and not just what our companion wants or the people around us want. Then we talked about giving up the things back home and all the things we have to put behind us while we are on our missions. It was great because it showed all of us how to really engage in our missions fully and gave us tips to getting past it all and losing ourselves in the work. Then pride….. the big one. We all had issues mainly with thinking we are better then some for example some elders my companion and I live with don’t think that the people we see on the street are worth their time because they know better then to waste their time there and they will never want to listen because they are so messed up so we are going to look for the “nice” or “good” people. It was rough to listen to some of it because I don’t ever see people on the street in that way. Our efforts are never going to waste and it kills me to think that some Elders think that way. But it was a great meeting and i learned a lot about myself and others

Wednesday, We had lunch with a recent convert R. He is from Cuba and went to cooking school so the food was awesome and we were able to invite an investigator of ours J to eat with us. It was great and we got to leave them a message that really hit home from both of them. Every Wednesday night we play volleyball at a local public park and its awesome we get to meet a lot of nonmembers who just want to have fun then we get their contact info and teach them and this week was no exception and we had a blast and met a wonderful man there that we are hoping turns into an investigator!

Thursday, we had 3 set appointments with members set to go with us to each. One was with a woman named N she is the girlfriend of a less active gentleman in out ward but we taught her the plan of salvation and committed her to be baptized on the 26th of July! Its a ways off but we know that she can get there and it could possibly happen even earlier. Then we can the T family and that lesson was great its a part member family and the two boys are getting baptized this week so woooooo! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and it was fun and we only have one lesson to go over and its the 10 commandments. Their interview is on Wednesday. We were also suppose to see M who is a 15 year old girl that has/had a baptism date set for the 14th of this month but she needs permission from her mom and she is a Jehovah’s Witness soooooo that’s rough but she didn’t show up she was at the Phoenix Comic Con apparently haha.

Friday, Weekly Planning Day! Fun stuff! We were suppose to have a lesson with a man named S that day but he had to cancel on us but we are seeing him tonight so that’s all good! We got a potential that night as well we had a impromptu lesson with a man name M and his friend V just happen to be there so we talked about churches and the Book of Mormon and our church and what not (all in spanish btw) and it went well and he told us to come by and see him again so good things are happening.

Saturday, we had an Elder’s quorum activity. It was a lunch and we were able to invite J to come with us and he liked it and had a good time in the pool and the food was awesome! But we really struggled that night to find people to teach but everyday cant be a good day.

Sunday, Happy Sabbath! It was a great meeting even though none of our investigators showed up. We also found out that day that J’s eldest son died so we are kinda wondering what to do with that and it is really weighing heavy on us. We got to see a woman named Yolanda though and it was a good lesson because her family was going through a rough patch and we got to talk and relate a lot she is an awesome lady.

Well that was my week hahaa the Lord is teaching me so much I cant even stand it haha. I am  just growing like crazy out here and I’m able to just let go and have fun and work hard! Thank you all for writing me it really helps me get through my days out here knowing I have so much support!

Elder Call


Elder Call’s email: bcall@myldsmail.net

mailing address:  Elder Brian Call

6265 North 82nd Street

Scottsdale AZ 85250


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