Transferred !!!!! June 25, 2014

I got transferred! I am no longer in downtown I am in beautiful North Scottsdale! It is the same as home hahaha nice car dealerships and big ol’ houses hahaha I love it! don’t have to worry about bed bugs in every house you go to visit here! let’s see what i did this week.

Monday: Alright we had the normal day except for this one interesting meeting…. while at walmart trying to just go shopping and mind our own business this guy drives up next to use while we are walking and starts yelling at us about white Jesus. He was African American and for some reason thought that we condemned all those of color to hell and olny the white would be saved because he said that the church only sends out little white boys and they dont send girls or boys of color and that the 10,000 dollars or so we pay to be out here goes directly to the churches pocket and we pay for some guys mansion in salt lake or something it was just a strong testament to me that there must be opposition in all things even the irrelevant things like the race of Christ. whether he was white black or orange he still did what he did for me and for all the world and that was all that mattered so we just moved on.

Tuesday: Elder Livermore Soto and I went to an old folks home and worked in their garden for like 90 minutes it was great got to learn how to use a weed whacker and had a good time and felt good know we helped those folks out that morning. A woman there named Ms Clara told me the 5 things i needed to be a good man haha 1. Dont hit women, 2. have a job, 3. be faithful, 4. dont drink smoke or do drugs, and 5. fear god. i think i got that list down hahaha.

Wednesday: we had district meeting and so with what happened with the gentelman on monday we decided to do a training on using the Book of Mormon to answer the obscure concerns some people have it was nice we also learned how to do a 1 minute street contact about the restoration and we have been using that alot and its been going really well. We saw James too (I was given permission to use first names) and we were going to see Rolando but when we came to his door James was already there and wanted to have the lesson there. it was awesome we talked about the Law of Chastity and of course that is not the favorite topic for anyone to talk about but James was totally cool with it and said that he and Rolando had just talked about the same topic that morning so it was perfect. we felt inspired to invite him to be baptized and he accepted and we set a date for the 26th of July its going to be awesome i hope i can go!

Thursday: we took Rolando to the Family History Center to help him find some of his ancestors so he could take them to the temple and be baptized for them. We ended up finding his dad his mom his grandpa his late wife and his daughter who passed away as well he really loved it! We also taught Anthony the 15 steps lesson on quitting smoking and it went really well and he really wants to quit and i think that he will i have faith in him. Then we went on splits with the ZL’s and that was…. interesting. Elder Burnside and I went to see Yuma a young man from Japan who doesnt speak much english but he was here for vocational school and he learned how to play guitar it was really cool to talk with him about stuff not really interested in the church but likes us so that works hahaha. Then Elder Burnside and I got to have a really good talk about our callings as missionaries and how they dont define if we are or were successful and i really learned alot that night he is an awesome Elder. And Ming got permission from here Jehovah’s Witness mom to get baptized!!!!! and she passed her interview! it was awesome!

Friday: amazing day! totally full of miracles! Normal Friday with weekly planning and all that but after we had dinner it went nuts! We got a phone call from the Sisters saying that a woman they had been teaching had moved into our area her name is Tanya and she is awesome! she is so prepared and wants to be a better person for sure she has a date set for the 5th of July!!! Then we saw a lady named Alice and she has been taught by the missionaries alot like 5 times alll the way through so we knew she would be solid. she said she quit smoking but drinks a little so we are working on that but that night we taught the Restoration and just laid it out and invited her to be baptized and set a date for the 26th of July! This week was awesome!

Saturday: A girl named Alyssia get baptized her sister had been baptized in out ward a few months back and now she wanted to be as well but they had been and still are going to the singles ward and i had only met her once but she asked me to be a witness at her baptism! it was great! We also got transfer news…. Elder Livermore stayed and is going to be with Elder Myers who was in my first zone with me and he is awesome! Elder Soto was going to the Phoenix Zone to be in the Catalina Branch with Elder Pischke and he had just finished training so that will be fun. I like I said earlier am now in North Scottsdale and it is sweet! Im with Elder Johnson and he is almost done with his mission too and he is hilarious! we live with Elder Lindamen and Elder Lakatani they are awesome too alot of love already and they have an open door policy… hahah that means you cant be alone behind a close door any closed door including the bathroom hahaha so it will take some time getting use to but they do it for a reason so all aboard!

Sunday: Rolando had a heart attack in church and so we rushed him to the hospital and we were with him most of the day. He is ok now and doing well.

Monday: Alot of good byes for me saying Adios to the spanish members and it was nice to have a good send off.

Tuesday: Transfer Meeting, everyone went their seperate ways and i went off to my new area. got to meet some of the members and find out about the area it is a really nice place and the ward is awesome!

Thats been my week so far! Pdays will be back on mondays after this so dont worry hahaha! I hope everyone is well! let me know how you all are!

PS I am kinda in need of more socks and short sleeve white shirts that are 16 neck size….. if any of you could help me with that i would soooooooooo greatful! I love you all!

Elder Call

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