He’s Speaking Spanish and had His First Official Baptisms!!!!

What a great afternoon ! Elder Call and Elder Clements !

What a great afternoon ! Elder Call and Elder Clements !










Letter 1: 9/17/14 (not edited)

Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!

I’m back in Spanish work! I got transferred to the Mesa Grande Ward in Mesa and it covers the same area i served in when i first came out on my mission im just speaking Spanish now hahaha so that’s awesome! My new companion is Elder Swanson he is from Memphis Tennessee and has been out about 18 months. So far we are getting along well and minus me not speaking any Spanish haha it is going really well!
I left good old Desert Hills Ward on a good note and i get to go back on Saturday for Ashlie Van Winkle’s baptism and the baptisms of her 2 children. I am soooooooo excited for them i cant even stand it!!! They are the first individuals that i have been able to find, teach the first lesson, and then see them get baptized and it makes me so overwhelmingly happy to see this family entering the gate that leads to eternal life! If i went home right after the baptism (which I wont) i would be fine with it because i was able to get this stalwart family to the waters of baptism and see them partake of the fruit of the tree of life and to share in this glorious gospel.
This work is lead and guided by the Lord and I know that with his help i can see the same miracles and blessings i saw in English work in my new calling in Spanish work. This is a permanent switch from what i am told and so i have to put all my faith in the Lord that he will bless me with his spirit and that i may learn they language as fast as possible!
I love you all! Thank you for all your love and support!!!!
Elder Call (llamada)
Letter 2 : 9/22/14 (not edited)
What an amazing week i have had! I am now really LEARNING learning Spanish and it is crazy!!!! I can understand most of it but talking is waaaay harder for me but ill get it! On Saturday 2 of the most amazing things happened so far in my mission.

One, Elder Russel M Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 apostles came to speak to all of us missionaries in the Scottsdale and Mesa Missions. His words were amazingly inspiring! He was quite possibly the funniest person i have heard give a talk it was amazing! We all got to shake his hand and my goodness if you could have been there…. The spirit was so strong that i swear if any nonmember were to walk into that room they would have known this church was true without a doubt…. just wow!
He was accompanied by 2 speakers from the seventy. Todd B. Hanson and Brad D. Foster. And they were just as powerful in their remarks as well. Elder Hanson spoke on section 31 of the Doctrine and Covenants. It was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. I had never read that section and those of you in my family if you read it (especially mom and dad) you will know why it touched me so. Elder Foster spoke on what we do as missionaries and what we should be striving to do. We fear no man for we are disciples of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We are here to tell the world that His church, not Joseph Smith’s church, but Christ’s church is on the Earth once more! What a powerful message is it not? I encourage all those members that read this to remember what it is that we have to tell the world and how important it is that we share it with those around us. Those who are not members and there are but few who read this but this church is true and it is the Lord’s church and he leads and guides it. Think on that and the spirit will testify of my writings i promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ.
 Elder Nelson gave us the opportunity to ask questions we had for ourselves and he would do his best to answer them. He was not stumped that is for sure he was amazing. just so full of joy and knowledge and enlightenment. He strained the importance of looking at our investigators and everyone with the end in mind. Many missionaries and i know that i have fallen in to this trap many times before think that baptism is the end of the road for them and they are done. that is not the case at all. We NEED to help these people get to the Temple. Plain and simple. And that is what i intend to do with this amazing family that was baptized! though i am no longer in the area i will always write and encourage them to move towards that ultimate goal! It was an amazing experience not to be forgotten.
Lastly that day Ashlie Van Winkle and her 2 children Brendan and Briana Mitchel were baptized. It was an awesome service. The sweet spirit that was there was so soothing and touching. I was fortunate enough to speak on Baptism and be a witness to the baptism. Brother Jason Wells preformed the ordinance. I was great! I was so moved to see this entire family making this amazing step towards their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I feel so honored and privileged to have been able to teach them all the lessons and to see them reach baptism. Its been an amazing week and I am ever so grateful for the spirit and for the gospel. I love you all and remember the Lord always and strive to always have His spirit to be with you.
Elder Call
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