Update #6


Hey everyone,

I love and miss you all thanks for all the love and support coming from your end it is more awesome than you can imagine!! THANKS!!

 Well one great thing we have a baptism set for Sept 9 so that’s awesome! We have been working with this woman Angela for a long time even before I got here but she is finally off probation and we can get her into the waters. Her two older daughters were baptized before I arrived and their little sister turns 8 in the fall so that will be cool to have the whole family baptized and active, they are a great family.

The weather is really hot but bearable haha, and we are getting some thunderstorms lately so that’s cool. Dinner appointments are fun , we had a really cool one with the Richins family they got us Chinese food and Blizzards, the family was just fun. Then there was Wes Wright, he took us to Logan’s Roadhouse which had a burger J would really like it was a fried egg burger with thick bacon.

The other Elders and Sisters here are awesome!  They help with the trunkiness and all. Tomorrow I go with the zone leaders and then I am going with the Spanish Elders Wednesday so that’s fun haha it will be interesting to see the other zones and just have fun with the other Elders in the zone. I had my first zone activity today!  That’s when everyone in the zone has a shirt that was made and designed by us and we all wear it and do something fun!  Today we went  for a ride in a limo and went bowling,  it was pretty fun all the way around!!   That’s my update Iwill let you know if anything else cool happens next week! I love you!!

 Elder Call


Update #5

He is still live and not cooked on the road and his tires haven’t burst from the pavement scorch !  He is working hard and his snail mail letter was great but his handwriting a mess so to sum up , a lot to do , a lot being done, and he is loving the work.  Making great friends with his new companion and the 2 other Elders he shares his apartment with . He misses everyone and appreciates everyone’s letters and care packages – he says he is sorry if he can’t write back as soon as he wants to because he only gets a little bit of time for email and letters but they will come so watch the mail .

That’s about it – as for me I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of our kid – he is doing awesome and having the time of his life – even with the challenges – We miss him tins but AZ is blessed to have him for a time and they are taking good care of him , he is in great hands!


Love you all, T and Elder Call

Week #4 Update ( finally in the field !)

New address :

Elder Call

1930 North Country Club #2019

Mesa, AZ 85201

Hey mom,

Thank you. I love you and its all good no worries,  either way. I am in my new zone the Papigo zone. It’s got rich people ,poor people, the reservation you name it. I’m in the poor area with my new comp who is also the district leader. His name is Elder Pinkston! He is from St Louis, Missouri, he is awesome, we work really well together, he has been out for 8 months and we have gotten along really well in the time we have been together. We like to joke around but when it comes to buisness we get serious. He is a hard worker and everyone seems to like him fairly well. We are in an apartment with two other missionaries who are his boss they are the zone leaders and they are pretty awesome as well. their names are Elder Krueger and Elder Keeler, Kru is from hawaii and Kee is from texas. They are good roommates we have alot of fun and get along great as well. The only missionary from my district in the MTC is Elder Socha , so thats cool. We have some really cool less actives and investigators that we are working with. Larry he is awesome! He got excommunicated but he is working back to rebaptism. He is a recovering hard drug addicted and he just is hilarious and is… well lets just say our family has really prepared me for this mission hahaha. Then there is Andy less active. He has a smoking problem that he is trying to kick. We are going to offer to shop for him so that he won’t buy ciggs or anything like that. Then there is Justin who is an investigator, he just told us he wants to hold off on baptism and that really bummed me out but he is a good guy his wife is a member he just doesn’t feel like he can because he can’t get to church on Sundays and that makes him feel he isn’t worthy even though we got permission to baptize him. But that’s ok he will come around. Then there is Angela and her 4 daughters the 3 olders daughters got baptized and the youngest turns 8 in November. We needed church permission to baptize Angela though and we are waiting on the go ahead but right when we get that she will get baptized like that week. We have met alot of other people that are very interesting. The Warmuth’s they are a less active family and they don’t seem to really want to go to church but we know we have to get them there so we are working on them as much as we can. Then there is Lisa…. she is a card. She is working toward baptism and she is scheduled for next month. She is on house arrest and just lost her job takes alot of pain meds because of back problems and she is loopy as a fruit loop! but she is cool and makes me laugh alot haha. She goes to church pretty regularly. I met David who is an investigator as well, he is a less active Catholic and he doesn’t agree with his church and thinks its corrupt so we are trying to pull a fast flip. We have alot of hopefuls and on new investigator named Christina. We are seeing her next or maybe this week we aren’t sure , but she is readng the BoM and said she is going to have alot of questions for us, so I’m really excited about that! other then that I haven’t met our other investigators I’ve only been here 5 days haha. i love the area I am over. I am over two wards and the ward mission leaders are pretty cool and do alot for us. The Bishop in one ward seems nice I haven’t met the other one but neither ward asked me to bare my testimony and it was even testimony meeting hahaha I thought it was weird! Not like home,  but I love it here the members are awesome and they look out for us if they see us they honk,  some of them give us a ride , some take us to Circle K to get 79 cent drinks. Yea it’s 79 here haha.
It’s been about 110 all week but that’s ok we will live. My stake president is cool , he is really interested in my acting ability hahaha and so is my mission president President Sweeney. He has been president since the first of July so just about as long as me haha but he is awesome he is really big on obedience and why we are here. His wife is very nice and has already taken more care of me then the whole MTC hahaha. President Sweeney is so awesome I’m so glad he is my pres because I think we are really going to get along together. He said because of my acting ability that he will possibly be using me for our missions facebook page commercials and what not, so that would be cool. hahaha I love it here I love the people and I’m having so much fun and I’m learning alot. Cant wait for the coming week.


Love ,Elder Call


Week #3 Update

    You always tell me to smile hahaha I love it!  You are awesome mom!   You are the strongest person I have ever met even though at times I wish you didn’t have to be I wish alot of things but that’s not for me to decide the Lord gives us what he thinks we can handle and I guess he just thinks you are pretty buff or something hahah ! 
           My new district is awesome and they have made the transition easy on me I did have to move rooms which of course I didn’t like at all but what can you do eh? My new comp is a one Elder Barroso, he grew up in Beijing China (if that is how you spell it ) and he is Portuguese, I guess hahah, he is awesome and he has taught me alot.  I was called as the DL (district leader) for the new district so I’m in charge hahaha!  I have helped alot of people and it is a great feeling to do the Lord’s work.
          I do need a few things my patriarchal blessing and maybe a few more pics or something. I  am trying to figure out how to email the ones I have to you but I will figure it out. I have a good chance of being in close proximity to the other Elders from my first district but I can’t be their comp. for probably a year or so.
    Just keep trekking mom you are the best!  I  just need those things but it looks like I might be leaving tomorrow!!!   So excited!   You are the best! Tell everyone I love them and they should write , I only get an hour to use email so if I don’t write back super quick I am trying to get to everyone.  I miss you all ! 


Elder Call

Week #2 Update

Not a lot of time , I need Evan’s email address , thanks for the care package ! I love and miss you all !  Keep the letters and emils coming , it is great to hear form everyone! Gotta go but I sent a letter in the regular for you mom and dad on Monday so it should be there soon. Gottta go to lunch …love you , Elder Call

MTC update #1

Hey dad i hope this is your email or im going to be very upset hahaha but i love you and mom and i miss you very very much! i am safe and sound and today was the only day i was allowed to email you so im doing it now!!!! i love you and miss you all! send everyone my love. thank you fo the care package it made me cry hahaha. i putthe pictures in my room i have alot of pictures but i left my charger at home so i need that!!!!

i just need my camera charger and more food and snacks and what not hahaha. my companion is cool he is from longview texas and he has a southern accent which is awesome. the two other elders i have grown to be friends with are elder states who is from kuai hawaii and elder gaebler who is from ervington new york they are all awesome! my branch presidency is awesome too!!! they all really love us and take care of us!!! i love it here and am learning alot. i love you if i left anything out im sorry!!!! show this to mom i dont really have time to write both of you!!!